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I recently purchased CBSubs for a new project of mine I usual try to get by with free Joomla extensions but when I knew I would have to pay for a subscription extention it only made sense to go with the one that would integrate seamlessly with CB. I am glad I did, it was well worth the money!!

I was upset when I hit a roadblock during installation that seemed insurmountable. Although Nicholas was willing to give me a refund without a hassle, he asked if he could try and help first. And boy did he help! I can not believe the level of customer service.

Also other issues I have raised in the forums have been answered quickly and the Product is fabulous! It is powerfully and it looks like the next version of CB will handle my very complicated membership needs. At least all the pieces are in place when I am ready to move into that phase.

If you are a start up like me and just don't have a budget for commercial extensions...I encourage you to think about that! Without a powerful solution I will never be able to make money off my site and once it is up and running I plan on cloning it up to 50x once for each state and so the growth is limitless. I recommend buying the most powerful program you can instead of trying to upgrade later, which could me a nightmare!

I recommend CBSubs and also the Joomopolis team in general!
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