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The first release of our Community Builder zip code/radius advanced search is now online. We have created a demo with over 8,000 records in the U.S. and many in Europe that you can try for yourself.

You can also create your own profiles to test it with your addresses. It comes with a plugin that automatically geocodes profiles with address information in them. It also adds a Google map tab with a marker to show the member's location to other members viewing the profile. If the marker is not exact, the user can login to their profile, "grab" the marker on the geocode map, and place it precisely where they want it.

Here is the demo page and the registration is open to anyone who wants to test it:

If you select your country, enter an address and select a distance, the "live results" number will change to show you how many results will be displayed before you press the submit button. This will let you adjust the radius or change the address if too many or not enough results show.

We have an in-house version for CB 1.2. We will be releasing it as a free upgrade once CB 1.2 has a final release.

I have include some screenshots:

1. Search Form

2. Search Results

3. Profile with plugin Google Map displayed

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11 years 8 months ago #74386 by palikari
I know it is poor form to reply to your own post but we have had so many people asking about compatibility with Community Builder 1.2RC 2.

Our component now supports CB 1.2 RC 2 as well as CB 1.1.

Here is the demo url:

When you install the search component it automatically determines which version you are installing against.

Feel free to ask any questions through the live chat on the site.

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