[SOLVED] avatar missing in list

8 months 1 week ago - 8 months 6 days ago #306919 by cwhitlock
My profile users can upload an avatar or portrait and it shows up on their profile, but when I make a list, it doesn't show up on the list page.

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8 months 1 week ago #306920 by cwhitlock
Nevermind, I see that I have to approve all the photos. Sorry to bother you.
8 months 1 week ago #306921 by nant

cwhitlock wrote: Nevermind, I see that I have to approve all the photos. Sorry to bother you.

Yes, by default avatar and canvas images are set to need moderator approval before they are publically visible.

You can change this, but I would advise against it specially if you are showing those images on user lists.

But, the user list should display the pending approval image in cases where an image needs approval.
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