Getting Error after installation - Object Expected

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good luck...

I am using and the issue that I had (which you found out and i am still tingling over - thank you) was that I had to enable pho5 on the server.. through their CPanel they had a link and it was hidden, very well hidden at that, but I clicked it, then enabled it and it was fixed... just like that..

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14 years 9 months ago #102610 by dhsle24
Well danny, I seem to have helpped you and you returned the favor. After your last post I went into my hosting center and went through the links and found it under content, language add-on settings using Godaddy and blam, there it was. I was using PHP 4.X, switched it and my VD went away too. Apparently, Godaddy has their own hosting account versions (mine is 2.0) and under the documentation it says the said 2.0 hosting version is PHP 5 compatiable, therefore I automatically thought that I could handel and was set up for PHP 5, but it's either/or. Another lesson learned. Thanks for being apart of the a solution source instead of just search and go! Take care.

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