RC3 - unable to have CB Login to work

11 years 1 month ago #81146 by osinquin
I had CB 1.1 installed and it worked fine
I thought upgrading to RC3 would be a good way to contribute to the development
Unfortunately I’m unable to have CB Login to work
Following the installation instruction I uninstalled the previous CB Login and installed the new one instead
In extension / modules I have 1.2 RC 3 in version column of mod_cblogin line (along with mod_cblogij that I didn’t notice for previous version)
I completely deleted the native mod_login module.
But still,,,when I had a CB login module in my site the module shows up but completely blank – no fields or button at all
I don’t know if that helps but it says type= mod_cblogij whereas I think it said type= mod_cblogin for my previous-fine working CB version.
Please help!
11 years 1 month ago #81147 by osinquin
OK ! I finally got it to work by simply deleting modules\mod_cblogin\mod_cblogij.xml so that the only valid xml file in modules\mod_cblogin is mod_cblogin.xml. Can the Core team confirm this doesn't compromise other features?
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