What should my next video tutorial be?

2 years 9 months ago #296559 by nant
The process is simple. Just comment on this article outlining your proposal for my next video tutorial and let the users read and vote on your proposal by using the forum Thank You button. If you do not have a proposal, just read what other members proposed and give them your Thank You vote!
2 years 9 months ago #296574 by JoaoTapuia
Hi, Nick. Great initiative.
My request and suggestion:

- Notifications for Activity feed.

The following user(s) said Thank You: dav34e
2 years 9 months ago #296593 by timstohr
May be a bit advanced but "how do you make it so that the tabs hiding behind the three lines button (when seeing it on mobile), do NOT hide behind the three buttons but are always visible"
2 years 9 months ago #296595 by haasdijk
Hi Nick, that's easy! How about doing a series (..) regarding auto actions?

2 years 9 months ago #296607 by dav34e
Hi Nick,

The video tutorials are very helpful, great to see more are being made.

If each tutorial were of a recent blog post topic that would help re-enforce the changes or new release, and help drive that topic. Or perhaps from the month before as a reminder of it, and to give time for any minor updates or fixes before doing the video.

For example a quick one about the new install from web function.

The next one could be on the new CB ProfileBook

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