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13 years 7 months ago #83055 by Onkel Tom
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as far as i know its not possible to keep the cb bilingual. Only in a new installation CB follows the language settings in Joomla. When installing CB on a running site, it doesnt recognize these settings.

Then you have to change the language files manually. Go to this directory:


the matter of concern are these files:


save the files with another name.
copy the new german language files into the directory. The file names should be like


When preferring the german informal language file (This is for the german "DU" instead of the german "SIE") then the filenames are


Now rename the german language files into


With this manual modification you will see the default language files in the plugin Manager of CB still displayed as englisch, but your CB on your website now will perform german communication.

In the same way you have to change the files for the FireBoard Forum, just in case you have it in combination with CB. Look for the directory of the language files, get the german files from the homepage of Fireboard or some remository in the web and change the existing files into the german ones.

Thats it.



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13 years 7 months ago #83402 by LordH
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I had the same problem, but the only thing i had to do was to change the filenames form German.php to german.php and German.xml to german.xml
For me this works. ;-)

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13 years 7 months ago #83444 by kubbah
Replied by kubbah on topic Re:language changing??
and how about the joomfish language changing????
my fireboard now supports 2 languages (having to language files)
but how to permit users set their language for CB?????

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