10 years 10 months ago #83084 by Lightme
Does anyone have expierance with this component
and use of Community Builder fields together
I heared about languagestrings somewhere but
maybe can someone give me a small example
like a field for example in dutch too english
and back:

"naam" (when click on flag of english then turns too)
"name" (when cliked on the dutch flag back too)

? thx really apriechated it
10 years 10 months ago #83445 by kubbah
I need this cb-joomfish integration!!!
how to make it?????
10 years 10 months ago #83727 by Lightme
bump bump bump
10 years 10 months ago #83732 by deni_hanca

i didn't have experience w JoomFish (I'm using m17n), but if you're looking for CB's language plugin, it's located in your .

Hope that helps :)

Wadya Balad Lises Unpad di
10 years 10 months ago #83740 by kubbah
but you know... the plugin means that you can install it, and you can translate fields/modules/registration introtext and so on.. FROM JOOMFISH!
10 years 10 months ago #83752 by deni_hanca
a litle perspective from me.

J1.0 and J1.5 translates in different wethod. J1.5 use .ini files, whereas J1.0 use .php files. They behave differently in your Joomla Website. CB is using the old J1.0 .php language method.

now, like i said before, i dont have experience w Joomfish. But I do have an experience with another language manager for J1.5. It only reads the .ini language files, not the .php language files. It can't read CB's language files (which is written in .php). Maybe the same thing happens with Joomfish. So, to customize/translate CB in J1.5, just do it directly to the .php file.

I think u should get help from Joomfish developers too for this issue. And i'd really love to hear the solution too, so please post it here (if you don't mind of course;) ).

Just trying to help, sorry if i bother u with something u already know ;) .

Wadya Balad Lises Unpad di
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