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13 years 11 months ago #10555 by mtk
I want to create two categories for my profiles:
  • A category, that will show extended information about the profile, include some HTML/CONTENT pages.
  • A second category, which can be same as the Contact already existing in Joomla.

  • I need the ability to connect between a profile from the first category, to a list of profiles/contacts from the second category.
    I need also the ability to shown all the HTML/Content information in a menu kind of way... (for each one)

    these contact must be searchable...

    is it possible?

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    13 years 11 months ago #10564 by mikko
    This is not possible currently. Search for "profile type" on forum, or jacl on google to see what si currently possible.

    13 years 11 months ago #10566 by mtk
    Assuming I have JACL & two different User Groups.
    one for the main users & the other for the small ons.

    what are my options for my needs?
    13 years 11 months ago #10853 by mtk
    13 years 11 months ago #10865 by mikko
    You need to hack the component if you wish to categorize.

    13 years 5 months ago #23061 by railer
    Hi -- There used to be a Mambo component that I think was called Artists Directory (com_artists) which allowed one to create categories for different user profiles. I have an implementation of it at one of my client sites.

    But I can't seem to find it anymore. The contact email for the developer doesn't work either. What I've found on the net so far seems to be different from what I originally used in that it doesn't include the com_artists directory files that I have in my installation. I haven't actually looked yet, but I think I still have the original installation files for it somewhere. It looks like a hack of the CB files.

    I myself, don't have the skills to rebuild it, but if somebody else wants to take it on, I'll send you what I have.

    Basically, if you look at my implemetation of it, the component allows you to display a listing of the different user categories in a table. Clicking on each takes you to a listing of all the users in that category, which then links to their individual user profiles. And a menu item, which I've titled "Artist's Profiles" links to it. A very handy addition, imo. Can this be done already in the current CB for Joomla? I'd like to know if that's possible, or if anybody knows what happened to the com_artists project...

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