When Upgrading User Not assigend to New User Group

8 years 6 months ago #170568 by valance
I am having a horrible problem with trying to find a way to create two subscriptions

Free Subscription - Public (Public (user group)
Paid Subscription - Paid User (Registered > Paid User (User Group)

I have created both subscriptions as free (for testing) When I have a user upgrade from FREE to PAID their User group/Access does not change. How do I have them register and give them access to different user groups.

I have played with user groups, plans, subscriptions etc.

I also have tried options under "edit subscription plan"
"Subscribers User access level settings"
User Group: Paid User

Joomla 1.6.2
CBSubs 1.2.1
CB 1.4
Website parkourfederation.org

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