CB Tab "Subscription" Lost Connection to Plugin

8 years 3 months ago #181891 by pTone
I had everything up and working just fine for the registration process using CB Subs. I then made a slight adjustment where I had to match two database tables with cb fields and tabs. Once I did this, I found that it was not the solution that I wanted, so I emptied the DB tables and imported the archived data, thus going back to the original sign-up form which worked. Now I get the following message displayed on frontend where I used to have my tabs:

"Subscription" shows empty at registration.

What is the solution? My Subscription tab is void of the plugin connection to CB Paid Subscriptions (used to be there in red now it is just a "-" sign). I am a developer, so I would prefer if you could post what you would do to fix this problem rather than just have you sign in and fix for me. This way I will know the issue better if it comes up in the future. Many thanks for all of your fantastic products and support.
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