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8 years 1 month ago #196407 by tonyhacks

fist congratulations for your translation's works.
I would like use Cb Subs only in French and I 've installed the last translation file from the forge " "

Actually my frontend is already in English (screenshot).
Do you have an issue?

I used Plugin's manager from CBuilder to install it!

Best regards.
8 years 1 month ago #197827 by tonyhacks
Sorry but I read lot of posts and I don't understand why it doesn't work for me.

I Use Joomla 2.5.x
Community Builder 1.8
CB Subscription 1.3.0 RC2

I installed french file from CB Plugin Manager, it's display on the list.

My Joomla config is tuen on French Language.

I already have english words on my Subscripion part....?
Any Idea please?

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