Profile modification by management on read-only field with CB Privacy- Front end

7 months 1 week ago - 7 months 1 week ago #314974 by scubabyss
Well, I wanted to be able to autorise moderator to edit profile and change read-only fied. Response is "Read Only fields can not be edited anywhere except backend. For frontend moderator only edit you'd need CB Privacy as it provides such a feature.".

How to do it ?

1) Autorise the user to modify the field : "Read Only" shall be set to "No"
2) In the integration TAB, set "Edit Display" to "Moderator only can edit display", therefore the modification of the field will be denied to the user but allowed in frontend to the moderator.

You can also create customized user access ou users group and assign the right to edit to the customized access or group instead of the moderator.

Very convenient.

Lionel (scubabyss)
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