CB 1.0 Stable GOLD CANDIDATE has been released to the testteam for testing for the next 12 hours.

Beat fixed 15 bugs found by JP users and the testteam and we are now checking this GC version.

If no bugs are found the release is planned after 1400 UTC

JP will soon be updated to CB1.0GC, and then we like you to test if all the bugs found in build 7 are really properly fixed.

(Nant will add a link to this post for you to report your findings at that time.)

The rest of the team wants to thank Beat who must be insane for working round the clock with no sleep let alone see his family.. He truly is mental for doing this, but we love him for it !! :) (lets give the man some explosive karma increase!?)

BTW the humour on the forums is a great stimulus :) Keep it up!!

Report bugs and issues here!

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