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JoomlArt templates now supporting Community Builder 2.0

Written by Nick A.

jasocial 580

More great news for Community Builder compatible Joomla templates.

JoomlArt announces the release of JA Social II, a commercial Joomla template focused on communities that supports Community Builder 2.0. With this release JoomlArt now has two templates with full support for Community Builder and is committed to continue producing CB 2.0 compatible Joomla templates.

Both templates are responsive, have RTL support and are powered by the Joomla T3 framework and Bootstrap 3.

More information and template demos are available:

Discuss this great Joomla template CB 2.0 compatibility news on our forums.


CB Activity 3.0 - new generation user engagement is here!

Written by Nick A.


The next generation CB Activity 3.0 stable release is here
and ready to download for all paid-up Professional/Developer subscribers!

Watch the buzz effect appear right before your eyes on your website!

Users will just love the clean and engaging look of CB Activity and start sharing their feelings and thoughts. Friends will review movies they saw, music they heard, places they visited and anything interesting that happened to them. This will inspire commenting and online discussions.

Just install and publish CB Activity 3.0 and see user participation explode on your website.

Users can start conversations by posting their thoughts, emotions, experiences, links, etc. directly on the activity wall. These posts can be enhanced with @mentions, #hash-tags, Google map supported locations and emotion icons. The built-in features are just awesome and you can extend them to suit your needs.

System Auto Actions for Activity Posting

You can also install CB Auto Actions 6.3.1 and publish preconfigured system actions to start conversation about profile updates, user logins, blogs, gallery uploads, GroupJive actions and forum posts (Kunena). You can also create your own activity related auto actions for your specific use case need.

Discuss this on our forums.


CBSubs GPL 4.0.1 released

Written by Nick A.


CBSubs GPL Paid Subscriptions 4.0.1 is here and CB 2.0.10+ compatible!
It is available for download by all CBSubs/Dev subscribers.


As promised in our CBSubs GPL 4.0 release announcement we have now switched processes and provide continuous integration (nightly builds) and quick maintenance releases.

This is a maintenance release that fixes 11 bugs (see discussion thread for details) and also adds the following 3 features:

  • Better filtering with multi-select plan subscription selector in CB User Manager
  • Existing subscriptions no longer display initial plan duration and only show expiration date
  • More choices for plan durations

CBSubs GPL 4.0.1 requires CB 2.0.10+ (nightly build of CB is recommended) and the CBSubs GPL 4.0 manual is still valid.

The upgrade process is a simple install over (take full backup first) of all needed elements. All your configuration settings are kept.

Discuss this release announcement on forums.


Joomla 3.4.3 and CB 2.0.10 are great together

Written by Nick A.


Joomla 3.4.3 was released last week and we have been testing it with our internal build of the just released Community Builder 2.0.10 and ... they are great together!

Simply put, we recommend upgrading to these new releases.

The Joomla 3.4.3 announcement came only a few days after the project's 3.4.2 release quickly addressing some buggers that slipped through. Joomla community gets an A for addressing these issues.

During this process we have been fixing CB 2.0.9 issues and also verifying that everything still works great with the latest Joomla versions.

Community Builder 2.0.10 is available and it has 3 new features and it also fixes 16 bugs (see forum discussion for full changelog).

All CB 2.0+ websites should upgrade to latest CB 2.0.10. Such an upgrade is a simple install over (precautionary backup always recommended) as all previous settings are kept.

CB 1.9.1 websites should also upgrade to CB 2.0.10 following the process described in video #30 of our CB 2.0 video tutorial series.

The CB Primer Book has also been updated as well as the CB 2.0 Add-on compatibility chart.

Discuss this on our forums !


CB Activity 3.0 RC4 - a step closer to perfection

Written by Nick A.


The new Activity Streams for Community Builder are now feature complete providing a rich and powerful user interaction experience.

CB Activity 3.0 RC4 is here with location support and new activity / comment fields!

Here is a summary of new features:

  • Google map supported location tagging for activity posts
  • Multiple profile activity streams with new Activity field type
  • Multiple profile commenting streams with new Comment field type
  • Each activity stream field can be configured separately to support different functionality

With this new release you can now transform your community site into a thriving active and exciting user experience with:

  • interactive activity streams with status, location, emotion, people mentions, hash tagging and URL linking with preview rendering
  • stream commenting and replies
  • ability to create new activity and comment stream fields using the new CB field types (Activity, Comments)
  • flexibility to extend with new emotions and status actions with font awesome icon support
  • backend administration for all entities and streams

As CB Activity 3.0 RC4 is now feature complete we expect the stable release very soon.

This is a major milestone for Community Building and we are extremely excited with the overall functionality and huge potential it offers.

All paid members can download CB Activity 3.0 RC4 and install it over the latest (required) Community Builder 2.0.9 nightly build or the upcoming CB 2.0.10 release.

Discuss this on our forums.


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