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Untapped potential

Written by Nick A.

untapped 500

Are you aware of how Community Builder solutions can help you?

Sometimes it just takes a good presentation and some friendly discussions to put things in perspective.

This is exactly what happened during my "Lunch and Learn with Joomlapolis (Community Builder)" presentation last week at the New Jersey user group event.

The aftermath comments like "great presentation", "I learned a lot", "great improvements", "eye-opener", "hugely customizable" were very much appreciated.

But, the best reward for me was the excitement I saw in people's eyes when I was able to propose CB powered solutions and add-ons for their specific use case needs.

Most people (I am also guilty :-( ) usually just dive in and start playing with Community Builder. This is certainly the quickest approach but it is also not the most productive one.

During the NJ meeting I noticed that most of the attendees were not aware of the new CB PRIMER Book (you need to be logged in to download) and how it could help you understand and tap into the great solution providing potential of Community Builder. It is a great read and it will inspire you to learn and explore CB much more and easier than the heads-on approach.

And if reading is not your cup of tea, you can check out our short and sweet video tutorials.

Once people realize how powerful CB is they can continue the free discovery process by monitoring the open-to-all support forums and see even more CB powered solution proposals given to our paid supporters.

A big thank you to the New Jersey Joomla user group for organizing the presentation and giving me the opportunity to meet everyone.

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Joomla! World Conference 2015

Written by Nick A.

jwc15-logo 500

The annual Joomla! World Conference is coming soon!

JWC15 will be happening in Bangalore, India, on November 6-8. This year Joomla celebrates it’s 10th year, with three days of amazing keynotes, workshops, and sessions where you can learn, connect with Joomla experts, and help plan the next decade of Joomla.

Joomlapolis and CB Team members will not be able to make it but there will surely be many Community Builders present!

Check your Joomlapolis newsletter for a great 20% off coupon on all JWC tickets.


CB 2.0.11 released and recommended for new Joomla 3.4.4

Written by Nick A.

 cb2011b 500

Community Builder 2.0.11 is here and is recommended for all Joomla 3.4 websites
Download it now - it's free and super stable

Community Builder 2.0.11 is a maintenance release that fixes 15 bugs and adds 9 new internal features (see forum discussion for full changelog) and it is highly recommended for all Joomla versions - including the recently released Joomla 3.4.4.

CB 2.0+ websites can be upgraded to latest CB 2.0.11 using the built-in Joomla upgrader or with a simple install over (precautionary backup always recommended) as all previous settings are kept.

CB 1.9.1 websites should also be upgraded to CB 2.0.11 following the process described in video #30 of our CB 2.0 video tutorial series.

The CB Primer Book is remains valid and the CB 2.0 Add-on compatibility chart has been updated. New CB 2.0.11 Language plugins are also available in the Language Download area.

All Professional add-ons and our CBSubs Paid Subscription solution work great with this new release and add tremendous value and flexibility to all your Joomla websites. 

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CB 2.0.10 already translated in 19 languages!

Written by Nick A.

cblanguages 580

Visit our languages downloads


Community Builder 2.0.10 is already translated in 19 languages and there are actually a total of 45 language projects maintained on our Community Builder transifex area by our very strong international community!

We also have individual project areas for each of our Professional add-ons, Groupjive and for our CBSubs - Paid Subscriptions solution.

To make things even easier for our international users we automatically grab updated translations from transifex and generate new language plugins and push them to our Languages Download area.


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9 more things you can do with CB Auto Actions

Written by Nick A.

geers2 226One of the most powerful tools available for Community Builder is the CB Auto Actions plugin.

In a nutshell, this tool lets you act when something happens in your community.

Without the assistance of CB Auto Actions such functionality could only be possible by coding a Joomla or CB plugin.

With CB Auto Action things are much simpler. Just decide what community event is important and what you want to do when such an event happens.

The latest CB Auto Actions add-on has many built-in System Actions you can study, clone and modify to your liking.

There are also many hands-on examples available in the tutorials section, the video channel and on our freely readable forum responses.

Here are 5 cool workflows you can implement using CB Auto Actions without writing a single line of code:

  • Send a personalized welcoming email to users when they login to your site for the very first time.
  • Inform your moderation team when users update a specific field in their user profiles.
  • Login redirect users to specific website pages based on their profile information (e.g., male users are directed to appropriate landing page for men).
  • Keep track of active users by incrementing a CB field after every user login.
  • Add users to Joomla groups based on profile data (e.g.,  female users are added to specific group).

These are just 5 examples, but there are infinite possibilities!

Just in the last few weeks, some of our members configured some awesome workflows with CB Auto Actions  - without a single line of code - which will surely inspire you. Check out these forum discussions were our users really thought up some great concepts and put CB Auto Actions to work for them:

So join the discussion and share your CB Auto Action use cases.
The best examples will be converted to video tutorials!

Discuss this and share your auto action masterpiece here!


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