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CB Activity 3.0 RC4 - a step closer to perfection

Written by Nick A.


The new Activity Streams for Community Builder are now feature complete providing a rich and powerful user interaction experience.

CB Activity 3.0 RC4 is here with location support and new activity / comment fields!

Here is a summary of new features:

  • Google map supported location tagging for activity posts
  • Multiple profile activity streams with new Activity field type
  • Multiple profile commenting streams with new Comment field type
  • Each activity stream field can be configured separately to support different functionality

With this new release you can now transform your community site into a thriving active and exciting user experience with:

  • interactive activity streams with status, location, emotion, people mentions, hash tagging and URL linking with preview rendering
  • stream commenting and replies
  • ability to create new activity and comment stream fields using the new CB field types (Activity, Comments)
  • flexibility to extend with new emotions and status actions with font awesome icon support
  • backend administration for all entities and streams

As CB Activity 3.0 RC4 is now feature complete we expect the stable release very soon.

This is a major milestone for Community Building and we are extremely excited with the overall functionality and huge potential it offers.

All paid members can download CB Activity 3.0 RC4 and install it over the latest (required) Community Builder 2.0.9 nightly build or the upcoming CB 2.0.10 release.

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4 New CB Conditional Tutorial Videos

Written by Nick A.

cbconditionalvideos 400

Simplifying your website registration form will increase sign-up rates. Personalizing your user profiles will boost participation improve overall usability.

You can accomplish this and even more using one of the most powerful concepts available in our Community Builder toolchest  that is the ability to display or hide things depending on specific conditions.

This concept is fully supported by the CB Conditional add-on that lets you:

  • Show or hide fields or entire tabs based on another field value
  • Enable or disable field options based on other fields
  • All conditions can be applied separately to registration, profile viewing and profile editing processes 

Our Joomlapolis video tutorials now have a CB Conditional playlist with the following 4 video tutorials:

  1. Getting started
  2. Two field conditioned by a third one
  3. Hiding field options
  4. Hiding Tabs

More videos are planned, but feel free to propose your video topic in our discussion thread.

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Next generation Activity Streams with new CB Activity 3.0 RC3 and CB Auto Actions 6.3!

Written by Nick A.

cbactivity30rc3 rsp

Two new releases bring Activity Streaming to the next level !


An active website is your best tool - time to let everyone know!

Let the activity stream combo CB Activity 3.0 RC3 and CB Auto Actions 6.3 do this for you out of the box!

Just install and publish and all key community actions like profile updating, blogging, gallery uploads, user connections and even forum posting will magically appear in the activity streams!

But the fun doesn't stop here. You can tailor activity streams to your needs as everything is totally configurable.

And that's where the new CB 2.0 architecture shines: CB Auto Actions 6.3 links user-activities to streaming actions. And of course you can add your own actions to personalize your community activity streams!

To flexibly accomplish this out of the box, the new CB Auto Actions 6.3 release now has 46 built-in preconfigured system actions.

You can publish or unpublish these default system actions to configure the best activity streaming content for your usage. You can also clone and tweak to get things just right for your website.

Join the discussion to see the list of preconfigured auto actions and the available CB Activity features.  

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CBSubs GPL 4.0 Stable released

Written by Nick A.

cbsubs40 500

CBSubs GPL Paid Subscriptions 4.0 is here and fully CB 2.0.9+ compatible!
It is available for download by all paid-up members.

All features and functionality are now being powered by the new CB 2.0 library and AHAWOW framework and we have fixed 80 bugs since the RC2 release (see discussion thread for full list)!

The CBSubs manual has also been updated and is available for download and a new CBSubs English plugin is also available for download (if you need to make language changes).

CBSubs GPL 4.0 requires CB 2.0.9+ and all CBSubs GPL 4.0 RC1 and RC2 users should upgrade to the stable release.

The upgrade process is a simple install over (take full backup first) of all needed elements. All your configuration settings are kept.

Now that CBSubs 4.0 stable is finally here, we will be switching to fast track releases and nightly builds just like our CB 2.0+ process.

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Template providers and Community Builder

Written by Nick A.

jfconnecto 500

The release of Community Builder 2.0 has motivated many template providers to contact us to see how their templates can support CB.

We are very excited to announce that the JoomForest team has just released a free (sign-in or share needed to download) JF Connecto CB 2.0+ compatible template.

This is a CB Template plugin that needs to be installed and enabled from the CB Plugin Management page and then selected in the CB Configuration User Profile tab Template parameter.

You can use this CB Template with your existing Joomla template or you can download and install the (also free) JF Connecto Joomla template.

We are looking forward to sharing similar great news from other template providers.

You can help motivate template providers by voicing your interest directly to your preferred template provider or by commenting in our discussion thread below.

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