CB Documentation Subscription

The CB Team has compiled a detailed document about CB and is offering it as a subscriptions service. To learn what this is, why it is offered and where to get it just read on ... 

In an effort to gain limited funds and continue the open source development of the core CB suite, the CB Team on Joomlapolis is offering a detailed CB reference guide (and some extra goodies - read end of article for extras) on a yearly subscriptions basis.


What is this?

  • It is a 185 pages PDF document (Cover) with 99 figures that dive into the many features offered and supported by the CB suite. The document is continuously updated and the subscription members are notified when new versions are deployed.

  • Current version - updated for CB 1.3.1 - has 15 chapters that deal with a broad spectrum of CB related issues.

    Table of Contents [1] Table of Contents [2] Table of Contents [3]

  • 99 figures with diagrams, screen captures and file contents.

    Table of Figures [1] Table of Figures [2] Table of Figures [3]

  • Comprehensive description of basic and advanced features (including expert tips).

    Registration Workflow Tabs Connections User Lists Backend Operations

Why are we doing this?

  • To recoup some basic expenses and to keep the opensource (and free) nature of the core CB suite going.
  • To provide some means (and motivation) for the community to support these efforts
  • To assist "in a hurry" users to get up to speed with CB features


Where can you get this?

To subscribe to this yearly service (which costs 35 € ~ 47 USD) all you need to do is:

  • If you are not a member then all you need to do is register and at the end of the registration page just chose the documentation subscription and click on the register and then pay now buttons. Once payment completed, you will get instant download access.
  • If you are already a member, visit your profile on this site and click on the Subscription tab in your profile. Click on the radio field and follow the workflow through paypal. Once the process is finished you should be able to see the download file in the "Files for Documentation Subscribers" folder in the download area of this site.
  • The subscription period is 12 months, starting date is the date of payment and ending date is 12 months after the date of payment.

Additionally, subscribers can download many CB Team released add-ons and upgrades. Currently the following packages are available for subscribers to download:

  • CB Facebook Connect 1.1 plugin (includes 18 page manual)
  • CB Twitter Connect 1.0 plugin (includes 20 page manual)
  • CB ProfileGallery 1.2 RC2 plugin (includes module and documentation)
  • CB ProfileBook 1.2 RC2 plugin (includes guestbook, blog and wall tabs)
  • CB ProfileBook Latest Entries module 1.2 RC1
  • CB AutoWelcome 1.2 RC3 plugin
  • CB Captcha 2.3 stable plugin
  • CB Ajax Text fieldtype 1.1 plugin
  • CB Ajax File fieldtype 1.1 plugin
  • CB Rating fieldtype 1.0 RC plugin
  • CB Privacy 1.3 plugin
  • CB Content 1.2 RC1 module
  • CB Last Views 1.2 plugin
  • CB Content module guide
  • CB PMS Integration guide

This means that as a CB Documentation subscriber you can download the detailed CB 1.3.1 documentation and an extra 14 CB related add-on packages - that's under 3 Euros per add-on! 

All CB Documentation subscribers are given a special DOC-SUBS tab in their profile that is always kept up to date with all available downloads. When new releases or upgrades are available all subscribers are notified via a special release newsletter of new arrivals and special offers.

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