GroupJive Integrations

kudos for a great component (well, CB plugin I should say)

GroupJive contains everything you need to allow your CB members to create their own communities (groups). Powerful and easy to use.

  • GJ Wall

    GJ WallAdd wall posting functionality to your groups.

  • GJ Photo

    GJ PhotoLet your group members share photos and images.

  • GJ Video

    GJ VideoVideo sharing for your group members. Integrates with most popular video sharing environments (youtube, etc.).

  • GJ Forums

    GJ ForumsLet your group members communicate using group forum area. Integrates with Kunena.

  • GJ Events

    GJ EventsLet your group members schedule events for other members to attend. Google maps support for event locations.

  • GJ Auto

    GJ AutoAutomatically create categories, create groups, or add users to groups.

  • GJ Files

    GJ FilesFile sharing for group members, auto icon recognition for popular file types, file size calculation.

  • GJ English Language

    GJ English LanguageCustomize labels and wording by installing this language plugin. Also used as basis for other GJ language plugins.




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