Mamblog blogger component not installed

One of the most common "newbie" questions is:

 I get the message:

Mamblog blogger component is not installed. Please contact your site administrator.

What should I do?

 Well, the fact is that the CB component has some built in integration plugins. To be exact, it has 4 such plugins:

  1. Yanc integration for the Yanc (newsletter) component

  2. Mamblog for the Mamblog blogger component

  3. PMS MyPMS & Pro for PMS component integration (currently, UddeIM, JIM, myPMS and myPMS Pro are supported)

  4. Forum for forum component integration (currently Simpleboard, Joomlaboard and partially Fireboard)

However, in order for CB to be able to integrate with another component, this component must be priorly installed and properly configured.

So, find the component you need and install it. For CB to recognize that the component is installed, you need to create a menu item pointing to that component (this is standard Joomla/Mambo process). So, don't forget to create a new menu item from your Joomla/Mambo menu management backend and link this menu item to your newly installed component.

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