The story

A year ago we had a dream....: We wanted to host (this site) in a safe place, in a very very reliable fully redundant way, be connected at lightning fast speeds to the Internet, in a automatically managed way, not have to worry about backups, hacker attacks, downtimes, unsafe hosting software, run the sites on an elastic virtual cloud following our traffic. Well, in a few words: not have to worry about the hosting.

Well, we looked around, also knowing many hosting places, this simply didn't we decided to build it from scratch, with the help of an amazing systems architect, using open-source software wherever possible.

We then started a beta and RC test phase for months, listening at feedbacks, improving our intercontinental clusters cloud to something very solid.

We then realized that we built something very state-of-the-art, very reliable, which didn't have any unscheduled downtime due to hardware failures, that we are proud of, and that we wish now to share with the community.

Finally we also wanted users to get quick-started. So we built a Community site from CB and a carefully picked choice of extensions, integrated and configured to run well together, so users can quick-start a community site anytime within minutes using leading open-source packages.

Joomlapolis hosting was born:



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