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I am amazed by the timeliness, helpfulness, kindness and professionalism of the help desk. I'm very happy I changed providers choosing Joomlapolis Hosting. Thanks again.

Ax Ess

I was one of the first beta testers of Joomlapolis hosting, and find it to be extraordinarily reliable, with no downtime. It's great knowing that there's a whole failover server in case one server, or even a whole datacenter, (or even a whole country) goes down. I was impressed by the security consciousness of the server configuration, and found Virtualmin to be MUCH more powerful than the cPanel I had used before. Recommended!


I was recently having problems with my previous host's billing and customer service practices when I was invited to test Joomlapolis Hosting. I was so impressed by the security and ease-of-use of the test site, that I transferred all three of my domains to Joomlapolis Hosting. I have all the previous functionality of my old host's CPanel and File Manager with added usability options. Script and CB updates and upgrades are either automatic or require just a couple mouse clicks, so I'm never using old, unsecure extensions anymore.

I have always installed my own applications, but when I tested the new ready-made CB website, I was amazed! It comes with Kunena and GroupJive integration built in. Of course, I can customize the site in any way I wish by removing or adding plugins and extensions and using a different website template, but I had a site online in seconds that only needed my personal content and logo. I only wish Joomlapolis Hosting had been available earlier!


www.djtrail.nl was the first-EVER cb site in history and since joomlapolis is hosting it, it has never run so smoothly. I also have added functionality with the powerful webmin server backend application over the buggy Plesk installation of my previous hosting company. However, the BEST thing about joomlapolis hosting for me, is the extra peace of mind regarding security and failover redundancies.


Thank you. I really appreciate your support as I learn how to construct a community website. I was with another hosting service for 5 years. Even though they were pretty good in keeping my 2 websites up and running, their support was very limited. You guys are a breath of fresh air! I really didn't expect you to take the time to direct me toward resolving website and configuration issues. I appreciate you taking time and effort to make my life a little easier. I know this is the last place I'll be going for webhosting!




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