CB 1.2.1 and Kunena 1.0.10 released!

The CB Team is proud to announce the public release of Community Builder 1.2.1

Besides fixing various issues identified in CB 1.2, this CB release has totally restructured its integration with the Joomla (1.0 series) native forum Kunena 1.0.10 (also released today).

The CB and Kunena teams have been in close collaboration to make this exciting new integration possible. We believe that this cooperation of these two opensource extension teams has created a very powerful combination allowing CB fields to be displayed in the forum sidebar location. Website administrators can totally alter the appearance and content of the forum sidebar adding HTML based content personalized with CB field values taken from the CB user profile of the forum poster. As CB (as of version 1.2) is Joomla native (both 1.0 and 1.5 series) and Kunena has reaffirmed its commitment to provide a Joomla 1.5 native version, we believe that the co-existence of these two opensource extensions will bring great value to both communities.

CB 1.2 sites are urged to upgrade to CB 1.2.1 and take advantage of this remarkable integration.

The CB Team would like to thank the Kunena team for its collaboration during this joint development period and at the same time request both communities to support these projects (by becoming CB documentation subscribers and/or donating).


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