CBSubs 2.0 is here with new powerful features!

cbsubs smallThe best paid subscriptions membership management solution for Joomla has just reached a new high with the latest CBSubs 2.0 release!

67 new features tipped the scale and instead of releasing as CBSubs 1.3 we decided to jump to version 2.0.

This is also a significant milestone for Community Builder 2.0 which will basically borrow the CBSubs 2.0 internal engine as its own!

CBSubs 2.0 allows you, among the many new features, to:

Automate marketing

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Create powerful automated personalized marketing campaigns; increase your sales using the new included CBSubs Mailer plugin.

Sell in multi-currency

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Display and sell your products in multiple currencies using new multi-currency selector at order time.

Display promotions

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Change displayed price automatically when promotion is valid to visually promote your discount offers.


Set permissions

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Manage memberships now in frontend. Set Joomla 2.5 ACL permissions for management.

Record payments

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Handle off-line payment processes with frontend order creation and payment recording.

Refund on-site

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Refund payments directly from administration panel (depends on payment organization)


Get new reports

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New reports have been added produce eye-catching statistics and graphs of your sales, income and taxes / VAT.

Analyze sales funnel

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Use the new Piwik Integration to track and analyze your sales goals and converion rates in realtime.

Set 8 new gateways

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8 new payment organizations bring the total supported gateways to 15.


Calendar plan prorating and invoice numbering are also included in the long list of 67 new CBSubs 2.0 features.

The complete CBSubs feature-set can make your paid subscriptions membership managemnt business case come alive on any Joomla (2.5, 1.5 or 1.0) with Community Builder (1.8).

CBSubs is ideal for traditional Membership clubs, subscriptions based electronic content sites, magazine and services oriented business cases, electronic goods downloading clubs and supplier-consumer sites.

However, the flexibility and fine-grained parameters available within CBSubs and the powerful integration mechanisms can be used to support virtually any use case imaginable!

Try CBSubs now and take advantage of the fantastic first purchase 30-day no questions asked refund policy.


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