CB Auto Actions 7.2 released!

CB Auto Actions 7.2 is here!


CB Auto Actions 7.2 is here with 7 new features and 2 bug fixes!

Now with a total of 77 built-in system actions you can kickstart your CB Activity automation feed and of course create your own workflow automations.

The key new features can be summarized as (see discussion thread for full changelog):

  • Performance improvements
  • New notification system actions for CB Activity

If you are not familiar with what CB Auto Actions is about take a look at our great CB Auto Actions videos. Even with the video tutorials it is difficult to explain what exactly this tool is about and do it justice.

We have already updated our demo site with this new release.

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nant replied the topic: #301528 5 years 4 months ago
Change Log


6993 Review improving gallery action to auto-batch uploads
6984 Implement Custom User parameters to toggle substitutions, translations, etc..
6983 Implement substitution support for manually specified user param
6982 Improve notification actions with optional field value check
6964 Improve user looping check to also look for a comma list of user ids
6963 Implement additional notification system actions
6962 Implement extendable User parameter


7000 Gallery Comments or Likes outputting empty when user does not have permission
6996 If manual or custom user returns null or false the action still executes on self

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