CB 1.0 stable Released!

The stable release of 1.0 has just been issued. The relevant combined package (component and 3 modules zipped together) can be found in the download area of this site or in our project area on the forge.joomla.org site. The relevant installation pdf can be downloaded here. Updated language plugin packages will be added as they become available for version 1.0 stable.

The stable release of 1.0 is not only a stability release fixing many (mostly minor) issues identified in our RC2 code. It is also a security release as some related issues have been also identified and rectified. All CB installations are strongly encouraged to upgrade immedeately to secure their sites. As a side note, CB 1.0 stable has been tested with Joomla 1.5 (beta) for compatibility.

The CB Core Team would like to thank the developers (Beat & JoomlaJoe), the test team (headed by Trail) and all Joomlapolitans for their patience and understanding during this tedious and frustrating process.

Finally, the 2 new plugins (ProfileBook and Nant's Gallery) created by members of the CB Core Team will be released shortly via a seperate process.


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