CB 1.2.2 Released!

The CB Team has just released CB 1.2.2 which can be downloaded by all logged in users of Joomlapolis.

CB 1.2.2 is mainly a bug fixes release that also supports PHP 5.3+. The CB 1.2.2 package now has an installation document included.  For Joomla 1.5.X websites upgrading to CB 1.2.2 is now possible by just installing the CB component and the CB modules right over the old one (without uninstalling) - please read the installation guide included in the package for instructions.

A change log will be given by Beat in the forum discussion that follows this announcement.

Special thanks must be given to our fellow Joomlapolitan edublender who helped make CB backend translatable via language plugins.

We will also be releasing our CB Facebook Connect and CB Twitter Connect plugins to all our documentation subscribers very soon (currently in final testing stages).


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