Google+ and CB Connect

Google+ is going away so many have wondered what that means for CB Connect. The good news is Google has provided a new API to continue to allow single sign-on. The bad news is it requires some reconfiguration. Check out the details below.

With Google+ going away this means single sign-on has to transition from their Google+ API to their People API. This primarily pertains to grabbing profile data as the authentication process has always used their oAuth/Identity API. This may sound a little like gibberish, but what it means is once you install CB Connect 7.3.0 it will no longer be able to grab users profile data when attempting to login through Google. To fix this you need to enable the People API. You can do this by using the handy setup tool provided by Google below.

Once on this page you can select your existing application or create a new one if you so choose to enable the People API. Alternatively you can navigate to the Google API Console to manually enable the People API for your application. Once you've enabled the new People API the single sign-on for Google should work fine again.

Now due to this being a different API all the fields mapping from Google to CB have changed. So you may find several fields you may have mapped under the Registration tab no longer exist and it's recommended to review the field mapping if you were using any additional fields. This includes if you were overriding the username with some substitutions from Google fields.

The below tutorial has been updated for CB Connect 7.3.0 as well so there will no longer be instructions for Google+ usage since that usage has gone away.

Please open a support topic if you should have any issues with the new implementation. I do apologize for the inconvenience, but this is as smooth as a transition as possible with the available API from Google.

You can find a full changelog for CB Connect 7.3.0 on our forge below.

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