Technical Requirements for Community Builder

Before you Install

Before you plunge in and install the latest Community Builder package on your Joomla website you should take some precautionary measures.

Check Joomla Version

Community Builder can be installed on and Joomla 3.x version. Community Builder latest version is always tested on the latest version of Joomla 3.x.

Community Builder 2.x may also work on Joomla 2.5.x, but there is no guarantee that this will always be the case.

Check PHP Version

Joomla 3.x requires a PHP version of at least 5.3.10+ (7.2.x recommended). Community Builder also follows this recommendation and PHP prerequisite. Community Builder has also been PHP 7 tested up to PHP 7.4.2. For latest Joomla technical requirements please check:

Check MYSQL Version

Joomla 3.x requires MYSQL version 5.1 or better (5.6.24 or 5.7 or better recommended). For additional database possibilities and other technical requirements please check the Joomla Technical Requirements page here:

Check PHP upload_max_filesize parameter

The CB package is slightly more than 4 MB in size. This means that your PHP upload_max_filesize parameter needs to be set to at least 6 MB (8 MB is recommended by Joomla).

Check PHP post_max_size parameter

The PHP post_max_size parameter should be set to the same value as the upload_max_filesize parameter. Joomla recommends that this is set also to 8M.

Backup First

The Internet is a dynamic environment. Server and bandwidth glitches may interfere with your installation process and cause unwanted results. As a precaution you should always take a backup before you attempt any new extension installation on your Joomla website.

Installation Methods

Joomla extensions are installed from the Joomla administration area > Extensions > Extension Manager Page as explained in the Joomla documentation page here:


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