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8 years 1 week ago #182133 by JeffOnWire
I'm new to Joomla and even newer to CB so sorry if this question is way too simple or I'm not using the correct terminology.

I really like the configuration of the articles on the front page of the "Coolness" template demo...the one full-width article on top followed by all of the side-by-side articles running the length of the page with the pagination controls at the bottom. How can I do that on my site?
8 years 1 week ago #182153 by nant
This is standard Joomla configuration.
When you create a menu to an article layout page there are options to configure.
Suggest to get a Joomla book (relevant to the Joomla version you have) or study the online documentation on site.
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8 years 1 week ago #182331 by JeffOnWire
Are they using some kind of blog software on the demo?

If you look at this article: you see that the author and publication date details appear below the title, and there's a last updated date appears below the article.

When I build an article, then view it these details appear in a box inset in the article body, not under the title. I'm wondering if this is just a configuration setting somewhere, or whether it looks this way because it's a blog entry or some kind of different module/plug-in/thing.
7 years 6 months ago #200227 by ttongson
Dear JeffOnWire : I've got the same problems as yours (I use Joomla 2.5). How could you solve this problem. I don't see the answer of your topic in this forum. Please post for me thank you very much
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