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11 years 2 weeks ago #124798 by nant
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CrazyHarry wrote:

This would work for us

Coupons that are defined with a % off or dollars off.

Then be limited by expiration date or number of uses.

We are ready for the code now. :)

Ok, at least one new requirement finally given.

Coupons have an expiration date and a capacity (number of times used).

But then if someone gets a coupon and its been over used, this means that the user will not be able to use it even though the offer has not expired.

I would assume that this requirement would not be wanted in many cases.

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10 years 11 months ago #126170 by trevor.bennett
Replied by trevor.bennett on topic Re:discounts/coupons
Nant said "has anyone seen a coupon implementation that we can look at ? ". I bought dtregister which is of course for paying for events and has a rich "discount" structure, including "early bird" reductions, Member discount and late fees. Member here means for Registered users. A Custom Field can be added to an Event which can be set to give a cash sum or percentage reduction to the bottom line or basket price. It also has the possibility of a discounted price for groups of applicants. Perhaps you could get a copy and look at the code?

My CB Subs requirement, for a real Society, is to charge for 2 plans, with different privileges and prices, but for each to allow 25% discount for (students or retired persons). I don't really want to make this 4 plans, but I may "hide the discounted ones behind links" if I can work out how to present this on screen? (As alluded to in"Re:Student discounts for plans Date: 2009/11/23 00:27 By: krileon")

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10 years 11 months ago #126390 by beat
Replied by beat on topic Re:discounts/coupons
"direct links" to buy given plans can be easily controlled by url given at top of a plan in backend. For instructions to show multiple plans, see the info hovering the "i" info-icon of the link.

Not a replacement for coupons to come, but a reasonable workaround until then.

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10 years 11 months ago #126431 by alfons
Replied by alfons on topic Re:discounts/coupons
nant wrote:

has anyone seen a coupon implementation that we can look at ?

VirtueMart also uses something as coupons. The way this is implemented would work for me if this is available per plan

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10 years 9 months ago #133483 by bgies
Replied by bgies on topic Re:[SOLVED] discounts/coupons
I think an easy and fairly flexible way of implementing coupons would be to simply have a 0 to many plan to coupon structure where a coupon code would be entered and the corresponding discount entered, one or more fields would be automatically validated against and the discount applied.

That type of structure would be very flexible, and would only require one direct child table (linked to the plan) with plan id, description, discount, whether to auto validate or only accept a coupon code, (and probably a child table to the coupon table for field validation) a way to auto validate against a chosen field.. ie... to validate an age related discount the admin would choose a "birthdate" field to validate against, and if it was less than NOW - 65 years give the seniors discount, and if it was more than NOW - 19 years give the "Youth" discount. You'd also need a couple of fields for "accepted messages" and "failed validation messages".

I doubt it needs to be a priority however, because it can all be accomplished now with multiple plans.. although I do feel for people that need to setup dozens of plans because it does take time.

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