Status and Planned Maintenance

Greetings Fellow Joomlapolitans!

Our four day old community (remember this site went public on November 14th) is growing fast. At the time of this writting we have over 430 registered Joomlapolitans and close to 9000 hits! Not bad for starters.

As mentioned in previous updates the entire concept driving this website is to support and showcase the capabilities and potential of its supported products - which at this moment are focused around the Community Builder suite. At the same time, we must also listen and respond to our community's feedback - after all community building is what its all about (this might turn out to be a nice slogan!). Having said this, we are planning some website maintenance activities to take place over the weekend (19-20 Nov). During this period (the exact time depends on our extra spare time and personal schedules) our site will be down briefly (~ 1 hour) to perform some of the following activities: Upgrade to the latest CB 1.0 RC2 version (currently we are running build 12 - the TY release is build 13), change some of the Joomlapolitan Card CB Fields (add extra languages to language multi checkbox field, make CB Platform field a multi-select field to track current use of Joomla vs Mambo, add a new Editor type field on a new tab to allow members to further express themselves, and whatever else comes to mind).

Finally, the JP Team will also start using more and more features of the Community Builder and its supported integrated components, such as the Yanc Newsletter component.



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