On the way to number 2?

We use to play this game over at mamboforge.net. The CB Team would always follow the Community Builder project ranking compared to the other sourceforge projects. The way the developer.joomla.org sourceforge system is currently configured only the top 5 most active projects are displayed on its home page. I am not currently aware of the criteria and parameters involved in the words "most active" - don't really care. The fact is that before the initial CB1.0 RC2 Release Schedule Announcement the Community Builder project was not referenced on the developer site home page. A day or two after the announcement the Community Builder project suddenly appeared at the number five spot! It is currently in the number four spot. I anticipate that when public release day comes the project will reach the number 2 spot only because Joomla! is also participating in these measurements (really unfair if you ask me). We are not vain or anything - its just fun and rewarding!



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