CB GroupJive 2.5 is here!

gjshowcaseThe Joomlapolis team is very excited to release version 2.5 of CB GroupJive, the most powerful user groups self-management system for Community Builder and Joomla!

CB GroupJive 2.5 can be downloaded by all Advanced, Professional and Developer members and works out of the box on all Joomla envioronments - yes, including the just released Joomla 2.5.2 - using the latest Community Builder 1.8 (required).

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With CB GroupJive 2.5 you can empower your Community Builder members to self-organize dynamic common-interest user groups that share all kinds of content and media and inter-communicate in their own group specific environments.

User groups can be public or by invitation only and fantastic built-in functionality lets authorized group members post wall entries, files, photos, videos and schedule events with Google map support.

gjimage4 thumbAs a Community Builder site manager, this is a great way to let your members help your website grow. With CB GroupJive you will  see your members taking the initiative to invite their friends to join their common interest groups and your website!

Let GroupJive work for you and help your website grow !

gjimage7 thumbExcellent integration with Kunena forum component and uddeIM messaging lets your members communicate using private group forums and private messaging exchange.

The powerful GroupJive notification system (supporting uddeIM private messaging and email) keeps your group users and moderators informed of all group activities and keeps your members coming back to your website.

CB GroupJive 2.5 has a convenient Joomla menu creation system that will help you add direct menu items to specific groups or group categories and also has a multi-purpose Joomla module that highlights group activities on your website.

If you are happy with free Community Builder, then you will love the new CB GroupJive which is just one of the benefits you will get from your membership subscription.

This is a great opportunity to subscribe to one of our membership plans risk free under our 100% satisfaction guarantee 30 day refund policy for first time subscribers.


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