New downloads manager: CB Package Builder 5.1 with frontend management

CB Package Builder with frontend management

This is by far the best download manager for Joomla!

We have developed and used CB Package Builder internally since 3 years for your packages downloads here on Joomlapolis. We are now using it for all your downloads, including all PDF files, showing latest version numbers in Joomla content and showing releases history. As it has become an awesome general-purpose downloads manager, we are now releasing it in its latest version 5.1.

CB Package builder has many features that you can discover in its product page.

Version 5.1 has many awesome new features that let you create and manage your membership downloads.

Here is a list of key features that you can actually experience - first hand - on Joomlapols and our demo site:

  • Chose from 12 package types to fine-tune your user's download experience (Package, Library, Component, Plugin, Module. Language, Template, CB Plugin, Query, Script, Override, Custom).
  • Use optional package sub-types to categorize packages when presented to users (e.g., see Free sub-types on our download page).
  • Configure package version extraction directly from package filename with previous versions download support (e.g. filefolder/cb200-Primer_*.pdf - the * area will be used to extract version - see our Community Builder download version dropdown selection for example).
  • Create presets comprized of multiple package that your users can download and install on their Joomla site as a single Joomla extension install (try this out on our demo site where you can login as an administrator)
  • Let your authorized users maintain or add new packages from frontend (without need for administrative area login privileges - experience this also on our demo site and see relevant screenshots included further down).
  • Drag and drop file uploading and frontend version deletion (experience this on demo site and check out screenshot below)


These are just some of the features avaiable in our latest CB Package Builder which comes with its own Joomla module, Joomla plugin and CB Paid Subscription integration plugin (to require active subscription for package download).

Here are some additional screenshots illustrating some of the previously mentioned features that - once again - you can experience first hand on our demo site and discuss this exciting new release on our forums!

CB Package builder is available to all Developer Members or as a single-item purchase.

Frontend editing of existing packages

Frontend drag and drop new version uploading or old version deleting

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