Community Builder 2.1.3 with WEB Install Released!

Community Builder 2.1.3 is available for download


Community Builder 2.1.3 is here!

It is basically a maintenance release, but it does have 5 new features / improvements and 18 bug fixes.

Its main new feature is the install from WEB functionality that Kyle has blogged about.

CB 2.1.3 is a recommended upgrade for everyone. As always take a precautionary backup before upgrading.

Join the discussion below to view the CB 2.1.3 changelog.



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nant replied the topic: #295953 3 years 2 weeks ago
Community Builder 2.1.3 Change Log


6697 Implement Install From Web
6682 Improve profile url language string with alias substitution
6618 Forbid uninstalling CB plugin and modules appart of CB Package (new Joomla 3.7 feature)
6553 Improve tooltip width
6458 Improve login trigger variables

Bug Fixes

6677 CB Menu Request Connection does not work on mobile
6666 Two factor authentication with verify current password causes error
6662 User Cropping fails with very large images
6597 jquery validate out of date
6596 Nested tooltips are passed the parent tooltip params instead of defaults
6594 When CB redirects from Joomla user views it does not set the Itemid
6587 Empty date for input calendar usage still offsets
6555 userProfile should ignore the user request param if no value
6503 getStrings needs to return the original strings or the overrides instead of both
6493 XML converting field name to id doing so for empty values
6490 SEF routing menu sometimes null
6483 Backend fieldClass response has incorrect access check
6479 Improve escaping for unusual database column names
6478 Cosmetic in SQL query: cbSqlPart::sqlReduceFormula() output correct but not ideal
6470 Setting list page limit to 0 doesn't disable paging
6465 Language override strings not storing raw
6463 On Joomla <=3.5.x: Fatal error on upgrade or install in postflight (not preventing correct installation)
6460 Adding fields using existingSytemTab usage moves the fields on install

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