CB Activity 4.1.0 Released!

CB Activity 4.1.0 with 33 new features and 12 bug fixes is here!


CB Activity 4.1.0 with notification API high-performance usage and 32 other new features is here!

Kyle has been blogging about this new release effort and it is here just in time for Christmas.

Of the 33 new features (join discussion to see full changelog), here is our shortlist:

  • Huge performance boost for Activity streams thanks to new Notifications usage
  • Grouping of same Comment, Tagged, and Liked Activity for a nice compact view
  • New one click on-demand streams for Activity and Comments with new Toggle layout
  • Steams for any size location for Activity and Comments with new Button layout
  • Meaningful activity posts without a message allowing for quick photo sharing (powered by CB Gallery), location tagging, actions (feeling, reading, etc..),
  • and more!

You can see the new CB Activity add-on in action on our demo site.


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krileon replied the topic: #300597 4 years 4 months ago
Another CB Auto Actions build has been released. We're up to 66 system actions now that you can take advantage of. I've added around a dozen system actions for outputting Like buttons throughout GJ with this release. More notification system actions are still planned as well once I've implemented custom User parsing so a notification can be sent to every user the triggering user is connected to for example.
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krileon replied the topic: #300531 4 years 4 months ago
Ok, a new CB Auto Actions nightly build has been released. This includes the upgrades for the CB Activity action to handle notifications and quite a few notification system actions (disabled by default) that you can now enable. I've also made some minor improvements to several of the system actions. For example activity comment activity will work with any activity type as long as it can verify against a source object; this should work much nicer now that activity grouping has been implemented for this activity type. Check out the change log below for what's in CB Auto Actions 7.1.0 and what's yet to come.


More will be coming next week after Christmas, but for now I hope this gives everyone something to try out this weekend and wish everyone a wonderful Christmas! Again, I will be returning Wednesday so Monday and Tuesday support will not be available; thank you for your understanding.

Please be sure you update CB GroupJive, CB Gallery, CB Activity, and CB Auto Actions to best take advantage of the notifications.
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krileon replied the topic: #300484 4 years 4 months ago
Ok, so far I've MOST of CB GroupJive notifications optionally override with CB Activity notifications using new System Actions. A build with "whatever is done at the time" will be released tomorrow (Friday) and will continue working on CB Auto Actions 7.1.0 after Christmas. Will need to think of additional ways for CB Auto Actions to handle notifications for CB Gallery, etc.. integrations, but will likely be an improvement to the Users parameter being able to specifically target and loop a users connections.
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krileon replied the topic: #300467 4 years 4 months ago
Couple screenshots of some of the great new features!

Article Activity Handling:

If an activity entry has an asset of article.ARTICLE_ID it'll properly parse out to the above.

Comment, Like, Tag compact Activity:

If you've comment activity enabled in CB Auto Actions the above for example would be the output if 3 people commented on the same activity entry. This helps avoid a ton of duplicate activity displaying one after another keeping it nice and compact. Note the original entry will still display.


Notifications are now stored separately in the own database giving a very substantial boost to activity stream performance. Notifications currently still do not have any logging behavior, but I am working on a new CB Auto Actions build to add some new system actions for notification logging.
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krileon replied the topic: #300456 4 years 4 months ago
There are also CB Gallery and CB GroupJive builds to go along with this release. These builds are mostly just the addition of notification handling. CB Auto Actions build will also be available this week or late next week (will be away for Christmas) that'll have new system actions for logging notifications in addition to activity action improvements.
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krileon replied the topic: #300447 4 years 4 months ago
CB Activity 4.1.0 Blog Post:

CB Activity 4.1.0 Changelog:

33 New features

#6561 Hide see all in notifications window if there's no notifications
#6578 Change hashtag links to use recent activity URL
#6585 Implement support for global notifications
#6608 Improve asset parameter description to detail wildcard use
#6612 Improve commented and tagged core activity output
#6623 make tags input name unique
#6632 Inline links parsing should be after manually added links
#6633 Improve on display triggers to output their returns
#6635 Implement additional global parameters
#6645 Move jQuery dependency checks to constructor
#6658 Implement separate notifications api
#6670 Implement core activity parsing for Joomla articles
#6699 Implement better wildcard asset handling
#6709 Implement support for messageless posts
#6770 Remove the activity body border
#6771 Implement parameter to auto expand new post
#6809 Implement source mapping for articles
#6853 Implement auto loading and paging for comments
#6854 Restyle like selection
#6855 Implement support for comment, likes, etc.. stored asset
#6859 Implement multiple asset support for Follow API
#6881 Improve read table usage
#6882 Implement button output for comments and activity
#6883 Implement ajax handling for notifications button output
#6885 Move core activity access and source parsing to template
#6892 Implement core activity notification parsing
#6895 Implement notifications fieldtype
#6896 Implement notification migration
#6901 Implement total shortening
#6902 Implement additional layouts
#6903 Implement pinned notifications
#6904 Implement comments, likes, and following menu endpoints
#6921 Implement paragraph support

12 Bug-fixes

#6570 Recent Activity inaccessible if activity tab unpublished
#6575 Plugin parameters wiped out by tab parameters
#6613 Core avatar and canvas activity allowing ajax
#6723 Comment edit does not output headers
#6816 Notification asset prefix wildcard in wrong place
#6847 Comment activity causing duplicate comment output
#6849 Duplicate entry check in jQuery traversing too far
#6852 Pinned activity causing wrong timestamp usage for auto update
#6860 Gallery activity with stored params causes params to be lost in backend
#6877 Clicking follows count does not open modal window
#6924 Add phpdoc for stored language strings
#6929 Auto Update does not work if Auto Load is not enabled

1 Task

#6893 Remove the per stream notify param

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