Community Builder 2.1.5 Security and Maintenance Release

Community Builder can be freely downloaded by all registered members


We just released Community Builder 2.1.5 that addresses 1 moderate level XSS security issue (along with additional preventive hardenings), 6 bug fixes and 2 new features (see discussion for full changelog).

CB 2.1.5 is a simple one click upgrade for all CB 2.0+ websites (as always you should first take backup and test your upgrade on a cloned site) and is a highly recommended update for all Community Builder websites.

This release paves the way for our Community Builder 2.2 Bootstrap 4 release followed by new releases for all our add-ons.



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nant replied the topic: #305279 4 years 2 months ago

7084 Improve URL functions to better support additional Itemid parsing
6981 Update PHPMailer

7187 Modernize input filtering
7185 Modernize and cleanup plugins parameters handling
7183 activateUser causing a user store even when not necessary
7147 Kunena 5.1 compatibility fixes
7091 jQuery Validate: required field validation unreliable
7070 Admin area: Ahawow XmlSql: TableBrowser: orderby-ordergroups with statistics join too much tables
7065 Usernames prefixed with a digit and a dash break SEF URLs
6136 Update Imagine for Imagick 7 support

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