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CBSubs GPL 4.1 with Timed content, Taxes inclusive price display, and plan substitutions usable anywhere

cbsubs41 550

CBSubs GPL Paid Subscriptions Membership 4.1 released with 9 new features and 7 bug fixes.
Up to date paid members can download from here

The punchline for this release is -- "Content Control Everywhere".

The new features give you fantastic granular control to display any plan description or pricing data in any Joomla content area (articles or modules) and even lets you specify when specific content is to appear (or disappear) for your paid subscribers. Well that's the punchline, but there are many more features and CBSubs default and rounded templates are now fully responsive -- so everything looks great on tablets and smartphones!

The major new features included in this release are:

  • -- Decide when your paid subscribers see the content you want them to see --

    (2606) - Timed Release content support using new [cbsubs:if since] tags
    Lets you filter any Joomla content based on time criteria against subscription baseline.

    [cbsubs:if plan="1" status="A" since >= "1 week" and plan="1" status="A" since <= "2 week"]

            This only shows up between 1st and 2nd week of your subscription

  • -- Optionally include tax costs in your plan price displays --

    (3732) Tax inclusive plan price display options
    Display plan price that includes default tax calculation.
    This is off by default, but you can enable it on a plan by plan basis
    default tax rate setting to be used (based on default customer location).

  • -- Personalize your marketing by embedding plan or subscription data in your content --

    (5953) Display plan or subscription content in Joomla content
    Show plan or subscription specific data in your Joomla or
    CB content areas (articles, modules, fields).

    Upgrade to our plan [cbsubs:plans plan="1" output="name" /]
    for just [cbsubs:plans plan="1" output="price" /] now!

  • -- Even more tools to help you target active and even expired subscribers --

    (5954) Condition Joomla content depending on subscriptions
    You can now embed [cbsubs:if plan] substitutions in your Joomla content to show content based on subscription.

    [cbsubs:if plan="1" status="X"]Your subscription has expired,
    please renew today at our discounted price[/cbsubs:if]

  • -- Make things easier and faster for people to pay you --

    (5934) New URL to take potential purchaser directly to basket
    This new feature gives you a different URL that bypasses the plan selection process
    taking purchaser directly to basket ready for checkout.

  • -- Sales process is now awesome looking on any tablet or smartphone device --

    (4987) Updated default and rounded template markup to Bootstrap 3
    The default and Rounded templates have been updated to support Bootstrap 3,
    so frontend CBSubs displays are now fully responsive and look great
    on all viewing devices (tablets and smartphones).

  • -- More controls for you to keep your subscribers motivated to follow your customer lifecycle --

    (5912) New subscription plan time sensitive settings to disallow reactivation of expired or cancelled subscription
    You can now configure a plan to not allow reactivation once it has expired
    or has been cancelled.
    Setting also lets you configure the "disallowing" based on duration since expiration
    or the duration before expiration.

For complete changelog (all features and bug fixes) join our discussion on forum.


A website story - part 3


(continued from part 2)

You are really happy with the results so far.

Your site is up, users are joining and searching your user list pages and making friends with each other. You are able to send off personalized email messages using the CB Mass Mailing functionality located in the CB User management page.

But you realize that you need to help people express themselves and make noise on your website.

Back to the CB Primer Book you go and find Chapter 8 Working with Plugins and start reading. Aha, CB Blogs looks very promising. What if you setup and allow your users to blog straight from their user profile page? And how about storing the blogs as Joomla articles so your can use the Joomla content management functionality to show off the blogs outside the profile pages also. Wow, there is even another great video tutorial that illustrates this - CB Blogs Plugin Joomla Mode.

You quickly get this new functionality working on your website and once again you create a new Joomla tutorial article explaing how your users can create their own blogs. Of course you once again use the CB Mass Mailing functionality to let your existing users know about this new functionality you added.

Discuss this on our forums and stay tuned for next part!



A website story - part 2


Continuing where we left off, you have your Joomla website in place - with great content -  and Community Builder configured to handle the registration process and the profile pages of your community. All your members get their own profile page where they can update their data when needed. You have also created a number of user lists with searching enabled to let your users find others with similar interests.

From experience with other social netwrking sites (aka Facebook) you know that people should be able to hook-up with each other (social friends).

Back to the CB Primer Book you go and find Chapter 9 Working with Connections and start reading. Aha, Connections is the term used to describe this user hook-up. You read the chapter and watch the great #24 tutorial - and you quickly get this functionality configured on your site. You notice that connections can be bidirectional or unidirectional - but for know you decide to keep things simple. Bidirectional it is - if I am connected to someone, that someone is also connected with me. You have a test user configured and you establish a connection to test out the process. Email notification is sent, user receiving the connection request approves it and the connection is set and recorded in the new Connections tab.


Wow, that's cool you say.

As you were reading the CB Primer Book, you noticed that in Chapter 8 Working with Plugins there is a discussion about integration with a Private Messaging extension called uddeIM. "Hmm, why not you say .." and quickly read up on it and download it and get it configured and integrated. Another cool video - tutorial #21 - helps you in this process and you also quickly add new messages notification to your CB Login module.

Now you have a better way for your users to communicate with each other - directly on your site.

This is cool you think. I hope users can quickly take advantage of this new functionality. "Hmm, maybe I should create a new article describing Connections and Private Messaging". Yup, that is the way to go. So, back to Joomla to create new content. Great screenshots are taken and embedded in your awesome tutorials - this way your users will not have to experiment. All they need to do is read the new tutorials.

You scratch your head and ask yourself - "How can I let people now about this functionality and the great tutorials I created?"

Back to the CB Primer Book and to Chapter 7 Working with CB User Management where you find the Mass Mailer functionality. And of course you find another great video tutorial #38 to guide you through this task. This is exactly what I need you think - wow these guys have thought of everything!

So you quickly create your mass mailing message - add links to your new Joomla tutorial articles and bombs away!

And suddenly you realize: "Wow, and all of this is still FREE!!!".

Discuss this on our forums and stay tuned for next part!



New CB Replacer 1.0 Released


The New CB Replacer 1.0 release can be downloaded by Pro/Dev Members!

This new add-on is a Joomla content plugin that lets you define replacement parameters and their values. The replacement parameters will be identified and replaced by their respective values when found in Joomla content. Regular expression replacements are also supported.

This is a very efficiently written Joomla plugin that will really help you keep your content up to date.

Here is two simple use case examples that demonstrate the power and usefulness of this new add-on:

  1. If you are referencing a product version in multiple locations of a Joomla article or in multile Joomla articles, just use your defined replacer string - e.g. {VERSION} instead of hardcoding the version number 1.0 everwhere - and define your replacer string as {VERSION} = 1.0. This way when a new version of your product is released all you have to do is update a single value in the replacer definition (see first replacement in image).

  2. You can also define a regex replacement to convert your email addresses to example AT gmail DOT com (see second replacement in image).

This new add-on does not require Community Builder. It is a Joomla 3.4+ compatible Joomla content plugin that you can install using the Joomla Extensions Manager and publis/configure from the Joomla Plugin manager.

Discuss this on our forums.


Community Builder

Community BuilderSocial networking powerhouse added to your Joomla!TM website, fast and easy! CB is the top rated, best supported, most complete and most reliable community system there is for Joomla! Comes with multiple extensions that add enhanced functionality for your online community. Includes highly customizable user profiling and registration features. Ands its FREE!



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Joomla Templates

Joomla TemplatesMake your site fast and get a clean, lean look. Create your website quick and easy! Super efficient load and render times. Template structure and flow is optimized to enhance user website experience. Content is king, as the template decorations 'get out of the way', except to help the user understand the content structure. Community Builder content module is included in all templates to present available CB user actions.


Quality Web Hosting

Quality Web HostingGet your business up and running now! Powerful, top tier reliability and highly secure. Uniquely adapted for Community Builder and CBSubs, with zero-click CB and J oomla! install. Servers are in North America and Europe. You'll save loads of time because Community Builder can be pre-installed and integrated. You'll be amazed how quickly your site is up and how fast it runs!