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I viewed your screen grabs, and I know what you're doing wrong. Really, it's my fault.

The short story:

Go to step 4 in my instructions and replace "Structure Tab" with "Browse" tab.

The long story:

OK, when you click on any table of your database in the left-hand column of the phpMyAdmin window the first thing you will see on the right-hand side of the page is a list of fields - sort of like when you create a spread sheet say 5 column wide and label the top row with meaningful names, like (First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State). Only in this case the fields are displayed vertically down the page.

You won't see the actual data that those field names contain and organize until you go to the top of that page and click on a tab that says "Browse".

The tabs at the top of the page should be in the following order:

Browse, Structure (the initial view I was just talking about above), SQL, Search, Insert, Export, Import, Operations, Empty, Drop.

Now, when you clicked on the jos_comprofiler table, you saw the "Structure" view of that table listing the fields vertically from top to bottom. And, I can see that you found the fbsignature field. But, you're in the wrong place.

You see, if you were to click on the "Browse" tab now you would see a list of your site's users and the various settings that are stored for them.

You could actually manually place data in one of the user's fbsignature field and it would show up as their forum signature on the site.

However, the issue that you're trying to fix is actually in the jos_comprofiler_fields table. Trust me on this.

What you need to do (steps 4 - 10) is click on your jos_comprofiles_fields table, then click on the Browse tab, then find the fbsignature row, then click on the pencil, then add the text "fbsignature" (with no quotes) to the tablecolumns text entry box, then click the "Go" button.

You will need to repeat this for the fbordering (add "fbordering" to tablecolumns) and fbviewtype (add "fbviewtype" to tablecolumns) rows.

PLEASE NOTE: you might have to go to page 2 of the Browse view of the jos_comprofile_fields table by using the "Page number:" pulldown at the top or bottom of the page. At least, I had to becase the two final rows were on page two.

Sorry if my mistake in my instructions gave you false hope and frustration. I know it would have been a bummer for me if I were on the receiving end of my faulty instructions. :pinch:

Anyway, this should fix it for you.

I will be editing my earlier post right now so other people won't have the same problem with it as you did.

Good luck and let us know how it went.

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Simmer down, cupcake!

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nice it works

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Thanks for the detailed explanation charles. More karma for you! :)

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11 years 9 months ago #81084 by sunnyjey
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Thank you Beat and Charleshowell for identifying this issue and providing us solution. (karma awarded to charleshowell :) )

I would like to notify to the Beat & Nant that I had followed the instruction mentioned in previous post and successfully enabled Signature in the Fireboard Forum.

At present I am using CB RC3 and FB 1.4 stable. But today when I clicked again in FireBoard Configuration
- Create Community Builder forum profile: <clicked> I lost all my Forum Signatures.

I had to go again in cpanel and follow steps to enable it. Also to write signatures of all forum users.

My purpose is to:
1. make aware of this issue to Nant & Beat and confirm it at your end.
2. make aware all Users using RC3 and FB 1.4 not to click again in FB configuration otherwise you may loose your signatures.

Thank you

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