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These Add Ons are available to Professional and Developer Members but some may also be purchased separately (as current version purchases) by free members. The total individual value of these items (summing up each package) is $335 making our Membership subscriptions your best buy option!


CB Antispam

CB Antispam {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

Fight Spammers with the handy CB plugin. Will add a visual challenge to registration form with sound playback. Configurable to also be included on login, reminder and email forms. Also integrates with CB ProfileBook plugin.

CB Privacy

CB Privacy {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

Extensive privacy controls for members and administrator. Applies to any CB field and CB Tab. Lets users remove their account by themselves and many more features.

Read more about CB Privacy

CB Search for Joomla

J25/3.x CB Search Plugin {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

Use the Joomla 2.5/3.x search function to find CB user profiles based on CB field data of profiles. CB Privacy settings respected during searching. This is a Joomla plugin.


CB Connect

CB Connect {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Windows Live, Instagram, Foursquare and GitHub authentication. Put social network profile data in CB fields and add dozens of Facebook plugins, Twitter, Linkedin and Google gadgets to your website.

See CB-Connect Page

CB Gallery

CB Gallery {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

Image, video, music and file galleries can be added by members in their profiles. Easy and simple with powerful quota system. Items can also be moderated before final publication.

CB Last Views

CB Last Views {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

Add a new tab to your profiles to let members see who has been visiting their profile! Also has administrative view with filtering.


CB ProfileBook

CB ProfileBook {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

Guestbook, blog and/or wall tabs can be added to profiles. Let your members communicate with this powerful 3-in-1 add-on. Package includes Latest Entries module.

CB Content Module

CB Privacy {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

Display any CB field or Tab or Menu in this cool Joomla module. Module also lets you publish jquery, css or javascript code in your page headers. CB Substitutions are also supported!

CB AutoWelcome

CB AutoWelcome {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

Greet for your new members with custom personalized welcome private messages and/or emails and connect with them automatically!


CB Auto Actions

CB Auto Actions {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

The CB Auto Actions plugin is the swiss army knife of CB plugins allowing you to configure unlimited automated personalized actions to support your specific community case.

Read more about CB Auto Action and Watch the videos

CB Invites

CB Search bot {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

Empower your members to invite their friends to your website. Easy to configure. Lets your members send personalized invitations to their friends with unique invitation codes.

Read more about CB Invites

CB Activity

CB Activity {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

Add realtime activity streams to your website and your user profiles. Integrates with CB, GroupJive, ProfileBook, ProfileGallery and Kunena. CB privacy plugin settings are respected.

Read more about CB Activity


CB Conditionals

CB Conditionals {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

This plugin lets you show or hide CB fields or entire CB Tabs based on a specific field value. Great for setting up conditional registration forms and different user profile flavors.

See the Video Tutorials

CB Progress Field

CB Progress Field {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

This plugin allows you to create a CB progress field to show your members what their profile completeness progress is. Allows you to select fields to track and shows a nice progress bar. Create as many progress fields as you want.

CB Google Translate

CB Google Translate {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

This plugin will add a language drop-down selector to your CB Login module and translate your website using google service. Very useful for multi-lingual audiences.


CB Joomla Content

CB Content bot {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

Show CB fields or CB Tabs in your Joomla content articles! You can even use CB substitutions to show or hide article content based on viewer CB field values! Fantastic value - the possibilities are limitless! Use with CBSubs to create timed released content based on CB date fields!

CB Template Changer

CB Template Changer {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

Allow users to change the profile CB template as they please. Users can select if profile setting is to apply only for them or even for all users viewing user's profile.

CB Profile Update Log

CB Profile Update Log {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

Keep track of who changed what and when in their user profile. This script will produce a FILO list of profile updates for each user profile. Email notifications are also sent to CB Moderators on each profile update action.


CB Core Fields Ajax

CB Core Fields Ajax {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

Make any core CB field be Ajax powered for inline editing (no need to edit profile). Install, publish and configure the fields you want to be inline editable.

CB Gravatar field

CB Gravatar field {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

Use your Gravatar images as a CB field based on email address of user. You can specify default image to show if user does not have Gravatar account.

CB Reconfirm Email

CB Reconfirm Email {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

Force users to reconfirm email each time they change their CB user profile email address. Users can revert change from their old email address or finalize confirmation from new email address.


CB Query Field

CB Query Field {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

Adds new Query fieldtype allowing creation of fields returning results based off a custom query. Supports internal and external databases. Features complete substitution support within queries.

Watch our videos

CB GroupJive

CB Query Field {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

Empower your users to organize themselves into common interest groups. Each group has common wall, image, file and video sharing and private forum discussions.

Read more about GroupJive

CB Footer Removal

CB Query Field {cb:} {cb: } {cb: }

Authorization to remove all Powered by Community Builder footer links from all your websites.

Learn more


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