Joomla Plugins
CB Package Builder
This Joomla plugin extends the Joomla search box to also search in CB Package Builder packages.
Works with the CB Package Builder plugin and lets you embed package and preset information in Joomla content. General substitution format is [cbpkb:packages package="#" /] and [cbpkb:presets preset="#" /] and there are many extra options to display only specific content.
Extend Joomlas redirect component with handy REGEXP supported full or partial URL rewriting rules for 404 URLs. Take back control of your 404 redirects!
Create handy substitution string and REGEX placeholders with this Joomla plugin and place them in your articles. This way you simply change placeholder mapping once and it will propagate to all content articles.
Joomla plugin that links article author name to CB user profile page. Great way for your users to learn more about specific authors and explore other author related content.
Use the Joomla search function to find CB user profiles based on CB field data of profiles. CB Privacy settings respected during searching. This is a Joomla plugin.
Show CB fields or CB Tabs in your Joomla content articles. You can even use CB substitutions to show or hide article content based on viewer CB field values.
CB GroupJive
This Joomla plugin extends the Joomla search box to also search in CB GroupJive groups.
This Joomla Plugin integrates with your Joomla website and lets CBSubs control access to your content.
CB Gallery
Joomla plugin for CB Gallery that lets you put gallery media in your Joomla content articles.
CB AntiSpam
Joomla plugin for CB AntiSpam that lets you utilize its captcha throughout Joomla.
CB Activity
Joomla plugin for CB Activity that lets you put activity streams in your Joomla content articles and added commenting as well as likes to your content articles.
CB Auto Actions
Allows CB Auto Actions to act on Joomla events.
CB Package Builder
Most powerful and flexible file download solution for Joomla. This CB plugin lets you transform your digital files into packages that can only be downloaded by authorized users. Joomla ACL is supported along with built in conditions (based on user CB field values) can be used for download authorization. CB Packager Bot, CBSubs Packager Bot and CB Packager module also available.
This is the main CB plugin that is needed to add paid or free subscriptions to your Joomla/CB powered website. Other optional plugins can also be installed if needed for your business use case.
CBSubs integration plugin for the CB Package Builder. It lets you protect a package or preset an require a CBSubs subscription to download.
This is the rounded template plugin for CBSubs. It lets you change the look of your plan offerings.
This is a CBSubs integration plugin for the AcyMailing newsletter extension.
This is the CBSubs Integration Plugin for CB Fields. It integrates with CB and lets you change the values of a CB Field based on subscription activations/deactivations.
This is the CBSubs Integration plugin for Joomla content, It lets you protect Joomla content requiring specific plan subscriptions to access. The CBSubs bot (Joomla plugin) is needed to make this protection work.
This is the CBSubs Email Integration plugin. It extends the email notification functionality of CBSubs to support more subscription related events.
This is the CBSubs Fields/Tabs Protection Integration Plugin. It integrates with CB and lets you protect CB Tabs and Fields to require specific CBSubs Plans for viewing or access.
This is the CBSubs Folder Access Integration plugin. Lets CBSubs protect access to webserver folders (apache server).
CBSubs Google Analytics Integration Plugin. It integrates with Google Analytics services letting it track your business traffic.
CBSubs GroupJive Integration Plugin. It integrates with CB GroupJive and lets you automatically add users to specific GroupJive groups based on a CBSubs plan subscription.
CBSubs idev affiliate Integration Plugin. It integrates with the Joomla idev affiliates extension.
CBSubs Mailer Plugin. Adds automated, programmable, personal email messaging functionality to your CBSubs Solution environment. Needs CBSubs Tax plugin to function.
CBSubs piwiki Integration Plugin. Integrates with the open-source piwiki script.
CBSubs Plan Image Integration Plugin. Integrates with CB and adds a new plan image field type.
CBSubs Postaffilate Pro Integration Plugin