CB Connections - Cross Connection (Friend) / Non Cross Connection (Favourite)

7 months 1 day ago #315156 by mikegrimwade

I have CB Connections configured for cross connections so members must approve connections which works great for my first connection type (Friends).

However I would like members to also be able to add connections to other members without approval for a second connection type (Favourite).

Is this achievable? I see some potential in the CB Auto Action "Connection" Type but I don't know how I would apply the type within the action and I don't see how I could trigger the action. If I handle the onBeforeConnectionRequest trigger it would surely run the action for friend requests also.

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Mike Grimwade
7 months 17 hours ago #315161 by krileon
There's no connection type approval. It's something that's planned for when CB Connections plugin and connections behavior in general has been rewritten. Connections approval is for the connection it self and not the type. Doubt you'd be able to implement something like this using CB Auto Actions without a lot of work and likely a database table to keep track of type approval.

Kyle (Krileon)
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6 months 2 weeks ago #315358 by mikegrimwade
I found a workaround for this with a couple of hints from krileon on another topic thread. Thought I would share it for anyone else who was looking to do something similar.

Basically I ditched the idea of using CB connections for users to flag other profiles as favourites. Instead I created a profile field where favourite profile ID's are being stored as a comma delimited list.

To add to the list I have a Add_to_Favourites field which displays as a link to a autoaction on profiles by setting the "Profile Value Layout" parameter like below...

<a href=" mycbsite.com/dev/index.php?option=com_comprofiler&view=pluginclass&plugin=cbautoactions&action=action&actions=97&Itemid=181&fav= [username]"><img src="images/site/icons/fav-plus.png" alt="Add to Favourites" title="Add to Favourites" height="32" width="32" /></a>

Display of the field is controlled by CBConditional which checks [cb:userdata field="cb_profile_favourites" user="#me" /] to see if it contains [username]

Notice I added the fav=[username] query string to the url calling the action which sends the target profile (to be favourited) id to the action.

The action is a Field type action with no other triggers. I set the conditions to check that the target profile id passed in the query string [get_fav] is not already contained in my cb_profile_favourite_members. Assuming it's not then the action suffixes the id to the end of the comma delimited list.

To remove favourites I follow the same method in reverse.

Chuck in a list filtered to only show users in the comma delimited list and I have my favourite profiles feature.
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