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2 months 1 week ago - 2 months 1 week ago #316407 by danielfruth
I just downloaded the Gravatar Field plugin. According to the documentation I dug up (see link below) when the plugin is installed it also installs a field. I didn't find the field and had to make my own. The documentation also says that if the avatar is not selected then it will show the gravatar. It could be because I had no default Gravatar field but when I made my own field I can't seem to find the settings to do this. The Avatar stays the Avatar and the Gravatar stays the Gravatar. Does anyone know the setting to do this?

Also, there doesn't appear to be an Integration Tab per the documentation. I have no idea if this is important since I don't have it and the description was short. "If you have installed CB plugin you can configure its interaction with CB Gravatar"

Lastly, I think the field is supposed to pick up the profiles e-mail and use it to get the gravatar per the documentation. Mine is not doing that. It picks up the gravatar if you put in the e-mail but won't grab it if it's not manually filled in.

2 months 1 week ago #316412 by krileon
That documentation is just a parameter reference guide. CB Gravatar used to create a field on install, but it has since been changed to a fieldtype plugin so you can have as many gravatar fields as you like instead of just one. To have a gravatar field simply create a new field of Gravatar type within CB > Field Management. Users then need to supply their email address to it to display their gravatar unless configured within its parameters to just use the users primary email address.

If you want this field to replace the avatar then it's recommended to use the Layout parameters of the avatar field with substitutions to do this. To do this edit your avatar field within CB > Field Management then under Parameters > Layouts adjust the following layout parameters.

Profile Value Layout: [cb:userfield field="FIELD_NAME" /]
Userlist Value Layout: [cb:userfield field="FIELD_NAME" reason="list" /]

Replace FIELD_NAME with the name of your gravatar field. Now set your avatar field to not display on profile edit or registration. This should ensure anywhere the avatar field is displayed it will instead display your gravatar field.

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2 months 1 week ago #316421 by danielfruth
This does indeed replace your avatar image with a gravatar image. However, I only want to change the portrait to the gravatar if the user has not selected his own image. If he has his own image I want that to override the gravatar.

I saw another forum entry where you addressed this exact issue and it seems to have worked for me. For convenience I linked it below.
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