Groupjive Category Access Level not working

9 months 2 weeks ago - 9 months 2 weeks ago #304140 by wbuk
We are encountering a very strange issue.

Normal registered users are restricted from seeing categories with access level that doesn't contain their usergroup - this is working.

CB moderators (not super users) are able to see groups in every category even though they are not the group admins nor member of the groups, even though the access level of the categories do not include their usergroup. We believe this is not working as intended?

Strangely still, some groups are permanently hidden from these CB moderators no matter what category access level is set. Duplicating these groups will then show the new groups - which then cannot be hidden (same as issue above).

Also, even unapproved or unpublished groups (regardless of category access) are visible to these CB moderators. Is this intended?

Would anyone have any idea what is going on?
9 months 2 weeks ago #304143 by wbuk
Nvm about the last part of the thread, just remembered we used CB Conditionals to hide certain groups from specific group of CB moderators.
9 months 2 weeks ago #304145 by krileon
Are you referring to GJ and its categories and groups? If so then access is ignored for CB Moderators; they've full access to all categories and groups regardless of the access set otherwise they couldn't moderate content. There is no such thing as limited access CB Moderators in CB at this time.

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