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9 months 2 days ago #304601 by webtechplus
Good morning,
We have received complaints that the 'Email subscription' management on one of our sites is not accessible.
The way we are currently managing this is;
- Created a field and 'cb_emailnotifications' see the attached screen shot
When a user creates an account it is set to 'I DON'T Want Emails'

To modify this for existing accounts, and unsubscribe from emails the user MUST log into the website and change this setting, according to the ACMA the options are;

Mandatory unsubscribe facility by ACMA

Examples of unsubscribe facilities that are clearly worded and easy to use include:
Email—'Unsubscribe: if you no longer want to receive messages from us, simply reply to this email with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line.'
Email—'If you no longer want to receive these messages, please click the "unsubscribe" button below.'
SMS—'Unsub: reply NO' or 'Unsub: (1800-number).’

This means that we really need to add a link into emails that allow a user to cancel their subscription, is there any way we can do this in Community Builder?
At this point we have not been able tio get this to work and it would be really good if we could get this working.

I have checked all the posts in here and most point at the method we are already using, but this does not meet the requirements needed.

Thanks for support and feedback
We hope that we can assist you if you need and ask, all the best from the WTP Team
9 months 1 day ago #304607 by krileon
There is no means to subscribe or unsubscribe from CBSubs Mailer as it is not a newsletter extension. Users don't subscribe to those emails. They're for subscription status updates. The ACMA policy doesn't apply here as unsubscribe is for commercial emails. You are legally permitted to email them as you please about services rendered. I guess if you're sending emails to advertise/market other plans to them then yes you'd need some unsubscribe functionality, which CBSubs Mailer doesn't provide and recommend using AcyMailing and just subscribing them to a mailing list when they subscribe to a plan.

You could try using CB Auto Actions to do this by setting Triggers to None then using the URL that directly executes the auto action under the Global tab as the URL in the email to unsubscribe. I guess at that point you've a couple of options. You can require them to login for this to work or you can go the route of modifying a user outside of being logged in. To modify them while not logged in you'll need to be user to include their user id in &users of the URL. Then you'd just use a field action as normally to set your field to not notify them. The problem with this is there's no security there. Anyone can set anyone to not receive emails just by knowing their user id. You'd ideally have some sort of security token unique to each user attached to the URL that you'd validate in your auto action.

Kyle (Krileon)
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