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11 months 3 weeks ago - 11 months 3 weeks ago #304745 by RobGG

We have a number of CBSubs Mailers advising members that their membership will expire in X days.

In one batch (say expiry in 35 days) we could generate 25 renewal warnings. The first five members in the batch are send one email, the next 15 members get duplicate emails (one immediately following the other in the Mailer "Messages Sent" log). The next members beyond 20 each get three copies of the email. Is this a "bug" in CBSubs or are we doing something wrong in the settings?

See the Snap of our settings attached.

Regards, Robert
11 months 3 weeks ago #304754 by krileon
Has anyone confirmed they're receiving duplicate emails? It's possible there's just a logging error and not a sending error. Your mail settings look correct to me. Try increasing the "Maximum messages per customer above is counted within last" to a few more days and see if that helps. How often are you triggering the processing of mailers?

Kyle (Krileon)
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11 months 3 weeks ago #304770 by RobGG

This is a sending error as well as a logging error (we get copies of the actual sent emails and numerous complaints).

The duplicates and triplicates are listed sequentially in the log file, (see the attachment Snap-CBSubs-Mailer-1, showing the Sent Messages log )

We have multiple mailers that are similar. We have an individual renewal reminder mailer for 35, 20 and 10 days prior and similar for renewal overdue (see the attachment Snap-CBSubs-Mailer-2, showing the Mailers). So the 35 day renewal reminder is always active awaiting a member due to renew, our previous system had members expiring at month end so there is a significant number that meet the conditions 35 days prior to month end (25 to 50 normally, but likely to be 250 at 30 June).

All of the mailers have similar settings and all send out similar duplicates and triplicate email messages.

We have tried many different settings for the mailers to no avail.

Regards, Robert
11 months 3 weeks ago #304775 by beat
Looking at your latest attachments (mail log), I see that there is a strange sequence of send dates and log of the sending.

E.g. last 3 entries send date on the left is not sequential compared to the log id on the right.

This makes me suspect that you have multiple cron entries for the email sending firing simultaneously or firing too often while the previous cron has not finished.

Please check that you have only one cron entry, and that you don't trigger multiple times the mailer at same time and that you leave sufficient time between the cron triggers for the previous cron trigger to finish. The very complex conditions of CBSubs mailer and the need to optimize database queries for those have as consequence that simultaneous cron jobs running for the mailer are not supported at this time.

Beat - Community Builder Team Member

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