MySQL Lookup on multiselect checkbox data

9 months 3 weeks ago #307545 by cpaschen
This is a bit 'side-related' to CB.
I have data in a field within the comprofiler table from a multiselect checkbox.

So the data looks something like this:


The data for this was provided from a lookup on an external table.

I need to 'convert' this data into the 'textual' labels which the user selected from; HOWEVER, I need to do it within a MYSQL query.

So the result of the query for this field needs to return something like:

President, Member, Accountant

Has anyone else every done this and made it work?

BTW ... I know how to handle this IF I could use PHP, but the project I'm working on right now doesn't have that ability. It must just be a MySQL query (and no mysql custom functions).

Any ideas would be appreciated.
9 months 3 weeks ago #307555 by krileon
Probably just need a subquery to lookup the label. Example as follows.

 , ( 
  SELECT GROUP_CONCAT( IF( fv.`fieldlabel` != '', fv.`fieldlabel`, fv.`fieldtitle` ) SEPARATOR ', ' )
  FROM `#__comprofiler_field_values` AS fv
  INNER JOIN `#__comprofiler_fields` AS f
  ON f.`fieldid` = fv.`fieldid`
  WHERE f.`name` = 'FIELD_NAME'
  AND FIND_IN_SET( fv.`fieldtitle`, REPLACE( cb.`FIELD_NAME`, '|*|', ',' ) ) != 0
 ) AS 'FIELD_NAME_labels'
 FROM `#__comprofiler` AS cb

Basically you've a subquery that splits the field into comma separated values for a lookup check in the field values table. Replace FIELD_NAME with the name of your field and #_ with your database prefix to give it a test. Probably better ways to do it, but I'm no database expert. If you're using language strings as labels they won't translate though as language strings are file based storage.

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9 months 3 weeks ago #307646 by cpaschen
Thanks. I tried doing that but the SQL was just getting too complex to maintain (multiple multi-select fields in the query), so I've just decided to use a CB List to handle the task.

However, it would be really helpful if the CB Lists had the ability to export the resulting list as a CSV (or other format) for use offline.
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