CB Auto Action on use of CBSubs Promotion?

9 months 3 weeks ago #307675 by cpaschen
Is there any way to update a CB field based on a user using a promotion?

I need to increment a CB field (either by CB Auto Action or by PHP code) whenever a user uses a specific promotion.

I also need to store (in a cb field in their cb profile) the name of the last promotion used.

I'm not sure what trigger that might be or what condition might allow me to check for the use of a promotion.

Is there a 'master list' of all the conditions and/or Triggers yet that would help me figure this out?
9 months 2 weeks ago #307686 by krileon
A basket can have more than 1 coupon applied so the multiple coupons are stored together as part of the promotions_coupons integration parameter of a basket. You'll probably need to use the same trigger as the affiliate tracking integrations for CBSubs, which is onCPayAfterPaymentStatusUpdateEvent and need to check that the payment was completed. Example as follows.

Triggers: onCPayAfterPaymentStatusUpdateEvent
User: Automatic
Access: Everybody
1: [var4] Equal To Completed

Then hopefully the below should work for getting the coupon codes applied to the basket.


Variables available to that trigger are as follows.

 * Event handler for onCPayAfterPaymentStatusUpdateEvent, called each time an update occurs to the payment status of the payment basket
 * Paypal status mappings:
 * CB Unified status				Paypal status
 * Completed				<--		Completed
 * Processed				<--		Processed, Canceled_Reversal
 * Denied					<--		Denied, Expired, Failed, Voided
 * Refunded					<--		Reversed, Refunded, Partially-Refunded
 * Pending					<--		Pending, In-Progress
 * RegistrationCancelled	<--		A new cb registration got cancelled by user (e.g. paypal cancel payment button)
 * @param  UserTable           $user                   User paying the payment basket
 * @param  cbpaidPaymentBasket $paymentBasket          Payment basket
 * @param  cbpaidSomething[]   $subscriptions          Subscriptions in the basket
 * @param  string              $unifiedStatus          New Unified status (see above)
 * @param  string              $previousUnifiedStatus  Previous Unified status (see above)
 * @param  string              $eventType              type of event (paypal type): 'web_accept', 'subscr_payment', 'subscr_signup', 'subscr_modify', 'subscr_eot', 'subscr_cancel', 'subscr_failed'
 * @return void
public function onCPayAfterPaymentStatusUpdateEvent( &$user, &$paymentBasket, &$subscriptions, $unifiedStatus, $previousUnifiedStatus, $eventType )

If the substitution for the coupons doesn't work you'll need to use a Code action instead of a Field action and code in PHP the coupon check and updating of your field.

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