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1 month 3 weeks ago #317393 by martinb1
Hi there,

I'm wondering if one of your add-ons might provide this functionality? Kinda of like a contact manager maybe? Perhaps the wrong term.

I'd like to be able to group my community members around the business they work for. Most likely (but not 100%) they'll all use the same If I can group them by their sign up email domain name, I'd then like to be able to keep notes on that group. This doesn't need to be automated and will most likely be manually managed.

As an example, 10 members all join using their emails accounts, I add them to a group called 'Test Domain' at some stage I can keep notes about that group. eg - 'Test Domain' is based in Athens, Greece. It's a company that makes blue widgets. Test Domain, has XX many employees. They HQ address is ... etc etc. You get the idea by now.

Ideally I could group or tag these groups so I can filter them by tag.

1 month 3 weeks ago #317426 by krileon
It's already possible to filter by email address. So using a userlist with "advanced" or "simple as" searching should be enough as it'll allow for partial matching of the email address where you'd just search for the domain name.

You could use CB GroupJive and its community driven Groups to organize people. You can force them into different groups using CB Auto Actions based off the name of the group so as long as their domain name and the name of the group are the same that should work fine.

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