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9 years 7 months ago #136928 by azocchi
Hi, is there a way to change the profilebook blog editor?
I need to give more options to users in their posts like insert tables for exemple. The functions images or urls are not working too in this editor. :(
9 years 7 months ago #137167 by krileon
Yes, but you'll need to code such features your self by editing the plugin and adding to the editor. It does not use a WYSIWYG editor, but I suppose you could edit the plugin and force it to use such an editor.

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7 years 2 months ago #216036 by colingroos
Hi Krileon, or anyone else who can help me?...

Can you please give me a hint how to replace the profilebook editor by code?
in what file should i look for example?

Manny thanks if someone can help me and I bet several others!!

Gr Colin
7 years 2 months ago #216045 by nant

colingroos wrote: in what file should i look for example?

should be in this file cb.profilebook.php

sorry i cannot help more.
7 years 2 months ago #216054 by colingroos
Thank you Nant,

It seems that the editor in the profilebook.php file is created. How can I, in a simple way, demolishthe current editor and replace with the standard cmseditor?

can i for example rip de code out of the cbblog.php file and faste this in the profilebook.php file?

OR (beacause my PHP is terrible) does anyone know maybe a way around this all?

Kind regards
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