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2 months 6 days ago #333383 by bizguy
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I have been using CB for a number of years, and have gotten to love it. I have a number of clients that have moved to WordPress, as well as many new requests for WordPress member sites.

Any chance of porting CB over to WordPress as the community plugins and member management extensions come nowhere near the quality and functionality of CB. I know some other extensions and template builders that started in Joomla have expanded to support WordPress as well, and while I don't like it as much as Joomla, the market is just so much bigger.


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2 months 6 days ago #333384 by krileon
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CB 3.x will be the beginning of this. Once CB Activity 6.0.0 is done I'll be doing some updates to our product pages, improving our SEO, and adding JED listings for all our products and once that's done I'll begin working on CB 3.x

Right now the plan for CB 3.x is a gradual implementation. The idea is to start with either Slim or Symfony skeleton app and gradually shift CB 2.x into CB 3.x through newer modern APIs and frameworks. This will be designed from the start to be platform agnostic. The initial platform targets will be Joomla and WordPress, but eventually we'd like to support Standalone some day.

I expect to get started on CB 3.x probably in June, but we'll see. CB Activity 6.0.0 has been a bigger headache than expected to rewrite, but it's finally getting nearly complete. I don't expect the SEO stuff across our site to take much time.

I don't expect to support WordPress this year though, but likely next year as it will take awhile to shift CB 2.x into CB 3.x as a progressive rewrite and when we do reach WP it will just be core CB as plugins will also need to be redone into CB 3.x APIs. I believe plugins should be easier to transfer over though as 99% of them already are platform agnostic as they use zero Joomla API.

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2 months 5 days ago #333385 by bizguy
Replied by bizguy on topic WordPress version
That's great news, just knowing its in the plans.
I can let my clients know, and will look forward to new sites with CB across all platforms!

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